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Stroke care book

Stroke is a major cause of disability and a leading cause of death in Sri Lanka. Being a low middle income country, the country is short of medical professionals and infrastructure facilities to deal with this crucial health issue. Social support agencies and institutions for long term rehabilitation are not freely available. Majority of stroke patients are being cared long term by the immediate family members. Community is filled with myths and health professionals are with insufficient up to date knowledge. Freely available alternative forms of medicine further confound the issue of providing acceptable form of evidence based medical service for stroke patients.

For people from any of developing countries with this background, “Stroke Care” provides something for everyone. It is comprehensive and encompasses facts on stroke symptoms, diagnosis and investigations, prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, counseling, and the available social support for Sri Lankan stroke patients in a readable manner. It provides basic knowledge of all associated disciplines of stroke care for team members to cooperate and coordinate their duties with each other more efficiently. It is written in simple language for use by nonmedical care givers to learn on stroke services. It is a good accompaniment of medical students, pupil nurses and student therapists who should be thorough of multidisciplinary care.

“Stroke Care” is the final outcome of collective effort of the stroke care team of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. “Stroke Care” and its translations in Sinhala and Tamil, launched on World Stroke Day 2012, is in high demand among many stroke care givers in Sri Lanka. It could be recommended to anyone from settings with resource constraints to compensate deficiencies of health systems in a minute manner.


 >> Download Stoke Care in PDF, written by Dr. Padma S Gunaratne