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Be part of a global campaign to save the 6 million lives lost to stroke and to improve the recovery of 11 million stroke survivors each year.

At the heart of this campaign is the Global Stroke Bill of Rights, which sets out aspects of care that are important for ALL stroke survivors and caregivers from across the world. The document was developed by the World Stroke Organization, in partnership with stroke survivors and their caregivers. It sets out the right of each person to:

  1. 1.Receive the best stroke care
  2. 2.Be informed and prepared
  3. 3.Be supported in their recovery

How can I use the Stroke Bill of Rights?
The Stroke Bill of Rights can help individuals to discuss the care, services and support they need with those providing their care. The document is also an important campaign tool for organzisations when they communicate with stroke care providers and with governments. You can use it to advocate for effective treatment and care and to increase awareness and understanding of what people affected by stroke think are the most important things for their recovery.

How can I get involved?
Read it! download a copy of the Global Stroke Bill of Rights
Sign it! – sign the online petition and join the campaign
Share it!– share the document and the petition with your friends, family and networks