WSO Angels Award

Stroke is the second leading cause of death and disability world-wide and is responsible for 116 million years of healthy life lost each year. The impact on individuals, families and society is incalculable.

WSO is committed to improving outcomes for stroke, by ensuring that patients worldwide get access to stroke care that optimizes their survival and recovery.

As part of this work we partner with the ANGELS Initiative, to increase the number of patients treated in stroke ready hospitals and to optimize the quality of treatment in all existing stroke centers.

The WSO Angels Award aims to:

  • Provide practical support to improve stroke care globally
  • Recognize and promote best practice in stroke care
  • Share key learning around implementation of quality stroke care


Tools and Resources for Stroke Care Quality Improvement

The WSO Quality Stroke Care Guideline sets out standards for minimum, essential and advanced levels of stroke care. This document is supported by a Roadmap that supports providers to

  • identify areas for improvement
  • design evidence-based actions that will improve outcomes for patients
  • undertake evaluation that supports continuous levelling up of services.

Access the Global Stroke Guidelines and Roadmap and video guides
Access World Stroke Academy e-learning resources
Access checklists, protocols and simulations at the Angels Academy


Monitoring Stroke Care Quality

The SITS-QR and RES-Q registries support the collection of data that can help to inform and measure quality improvements, help you to benchmark progress and to identify areas for improvements at hospital, regional and national levels.

The registry protocol contains 23 questions, of which only 11 are mandatory. Completing the RES-Q or the SITS-QR form takes 5 minutes for each patient. The data entry form fits on a single page. Once saved, data entry is regarded as confirmed and locked.

Both registries can be used by WSO Angels participants. Data submitted to either will be conducted by local WSO Angels coordinators. With a minimum of 30 consecutive stroke patients and following verification of data hospitals are considered for a WSO Angels Award.

To register, click on either RES-Q or SITS-QR


Recognize Your Achievements - WSO Angels Awards

WSO Angels Awards recognize hospitals that have demonstrated clear commitment to quality stroke care and have established cultures and systems to support continuous improvement.

Hospitals who capture date in either the RES-Q or SITS Registry are considered for an Award.


  • Awards will be calculated quarterly.
  • The award level achieved will depend on the data captured by the hospital in the last 3 months.
  • The minimum number of patients that will qualify for an award is 30. If the hospital only captures data for 1 month and they have more than 30 patients this will be accepted, however it is preferable for hospitals to provide 3 months data capture.
  • Hospitals do not need to apply for an award on the WSO website, they will be automatically entered if they capture data in one of the following registries:
  • RES-Q.
  • SITS QR.
  • In an approved national registry with a process in place to export the necessary report based on the approved award calculations.

At the end of every quarter the registries will send a report with all the summaries of hospitals that captured data and qualify for an award to the WSO Angels Awards committee. The awards committee will communicate this with the national steering committees for final confirmation. If the national steering committee confirms that the awarded hospitals are correct, this will be communicated to the WSO Angels Awards Committee.

We will then announce the hospitals that have received an award in each region and the corresponding award level reached. Your local Angels consultant will then prepare the appropriate awards pack and present it to the hospital.

The next deadline to enter the data for the award is December 31, 2019.


To achieve the levels “Gold Status”, “Platinum Status”, and “Diamond Status”, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

Please download the WSO ANGELS AWARD FLYER