Bill of Rights

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights was developed by a group of stroke survivors and caregivers from each region of the world. They were supported by a larger group of survivors and caregivers and by thousands more from different countries, cultures and languages who completed surveys to understand if there are any variations in different parts of the world. Their responses demonstrated that what is considered to be important in stroke recovery is consistent regardless of where people affected by stroke live. These rights identify the aspects of care that are important for ALL stroke survivors and caregivers from across the world.

The Bill of Rights is a tool that can be used by individuals and organizations to communicate with stroke care providers and with governments and their agencies about what people affected by stroke think are the most important things in their recovery. Many aspects of care considered important by those a ected by stroke, and included in this document, have been shown to reduce death and disability after stroke.

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights is an important priority for the WSO. Find out more and show your support.