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Find Help in your Region

The SSO of the WSO would like to hear from similar SSOs for stroke survivors in your country. Please contact the WSO administration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Stroke Association Support Network-Ghana – Ghana 

Stroke Association of Kenya – Kenya

Acha Memorial Foundation – Nigeria

Stroke Action  Nigeria

Stroke Care International – Nigeria

The Heart and Stroke Foundation – South Africa

The Stroke Survivors Foundation  South Africa


Bangladesh Stroke Association – Bangladesh

Stroke Association – India

Stroke Foundation of Bengal – India

Stroke Association (JSA) – Japan

National Stroke Association – Malaysia

National Stroke Association - Singapore

Chinese Stroke Association - China


Stroke Self-Help Association – Austria

Belgian Stroke Council - Belgium

Croatia Stroke Society - Croatia

Cyprus Stroke Association – Cyprus

Association for Rehabilitation of People After Stroke – Czech Republic

The Danish Stroke and Aphasia Association - Denmark

MBF - Faroe Islands

Aivoliitto – Finland

The Féderation Nationale AVC – France

The Stroke Foundation – Germany

Hellenic Alliance – Greece

National Stroke (Prevention and Rehabilitation) League – Hungary

Heilaheill - Iceland

Irish Heart Foundation – Ireland

Neeman Association For Stroke Survivors – Israel

The Stroke Association – Italy

Patient Organization – Latvia

Bletz – Luxembourg

Macedonian Stroke Association – Macedonia

The Stroke Association – Netherlands

The Norwegian organisation for stroke survivors’ - Norway

Stroke Foundation - Poland

Association “STROKE” – Serbia

The Stroke Association – Slovenia

Fundacio Ictus - Spain 

The Spanish National - Spain

FRAGILE – Switzerland

The Stroke Association – Sweden

Stroke Alliance For Europe – United Kingdom

The Stroke Association – United Kingdom

Different Strokes - United Kingdom

Anti-Stroke Association (UASA) – Ukraine

North America

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada – Canada

International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke 

March of Dimes Canada – Canada

The American Stroke Foundation

National Stroke Association – United States of America

Young Stroke Inc. – United States of America


National Stroke Foundation – Australia

South Australian Stroke Association – Australia

Stroke Association of Queensland – Australia

Stroke Association of Victoria – Australia

Stroke Recovery Association of NSW – Australia

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand Inc. – New Zealand

South America

Brazilian Stroke Network – Brazil

Ação AVC – Brazil

Associação Brasil AVC – Brazil