Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT)

The Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT) was developed in 2018 by WSO stroke support organization (SSO) member, the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) in partnership with the European Stroke Organization (ESO). With six eLearning modules on different aspects of stroke advocacy, this free online educational tool is here to support people on the journey to develop effective stroke advocacy campaigns and activities.

The overarching objective of this free online educational tool is to improve stroke care through SSOs, their constituents, professionals, patients and carers, by strengthening their ability to advocate for positive change to stroke prevention strategies, diagnosis, treatment and after care.

SSOFT has been initially funded through an educational grant from Bayer Healthcare.

Sri Lanka Stroke Care book

Stroke is a major cause of disability and a leading cause of death in Sri Lanka. Being a low middle income country, the country is short of medical professionals and infrastructure facilities to deal with this crucial health issue. Social support agencies and institutions for long term rehabilitation are not freely available. The majority of stroke patients are being cared for long term by immediate family members. There are a number of challenges in this context that include: myths within the community; lack of up to date knowledge of some health professionals; and the availability of alternative forms of medicine.

The Sri Lanka Stroke Care book is the final outcome of collective effort of the stroke care team of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka and was launched on World Stroke Day 2012. It is recommended to anyone from settings with resource constraints to compensate for deficiencies of health systems. It is a comprehensive resource and includes facts on stroke symptoms, diagnosis and investigations, prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition and counselling. 

Please click here to download the Stroke Care book