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Why Join WSO?

WSO aims at a large professional membership which will lend considerable weight to the argument that researchers are serious about reducing the burden of stroke, globally.

As the second most common cause of death worldwide, a proportional number of concerned investigators and clinicians should band together under the unified umbrella of the WSO. These are altruistic reasons for joining, and should be the primary driver for professionals becoming a member; however, there are also more practical and immediate benefits in being a WSO member, these include:

  • Free subscription and online access to the International Journal of Stroke (IJS)
  • WSO app with access to IJS and the World Stroke Academy (WSA)
  • Discount on the registration fee for future World Stroke Congresses
  • Receipt of the WSO newsletter
  • Right to apply for WSO travel fellowships and awards
  • Access to Webcasts/podcasts of congress sessions
  • Access to premium content of the WSA 
  • Listing in and access to the WSO Membership Directory
  • Right to apply to host World Stroke Congresses
  • Right to vote for, be nominated or elected to the Board of Directors
  • Membership certificate (upon request)

With your support, the WSO can be your advocate for change in systems worldwide helping to prevent, acutely treat, and rehabilitate stroke globally.

The WSO encourages membership of both stroke professional and stroke support organizations representing regional activities, to encourage international communication and cooperation, consistent with the objectives of the WSO. Regional societies may both professional and stroke support organizations interested in stroke. They consist of scientists, physicians, other professionals or stroke support persons. Eligible organizations would include at least 25 active members and have been active for at least one year.